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Complete Property Maintanance

Yawnin Bear Lawn Care & Landscaping has been providing superior property maintenance services to their customers for over 15 years.  Our reputation is built on quality and customer satisfaction and is one of the premier providers on the Front Range of Colorado.  We are your one stop full service property maintenance company.  We can service your every need from lawn care and landscape maintenance to parking lot maintenance and holiday lighting.

Clean parking lots create positive first impressions and help to attract new customers. The way the exterior of your business is maintained projects an image of how the business, as a whole, is operated.


Our parking lot technicians use state-of-the-art sweeping equipment to remove litter and debris from your parking surfaces.  We commonly sweep overnight or during non-business hours when parking and traffic are at their minimum.  Larger debris such as bottles, cans, cups, newspapers, construction trash are removed by hand.  For detailed and hard to reach areas, such as curbs and sidewalks, we use backpack and handheld blowers.

Looking for a safe and hassle free lighting solution? 


Let our experienced technicians provide a worry free solution to your lighting needs.  Our professional staff will help you design, install, remove, organize and store your holiday decorations.  We make holiday decorating easy!


We have a large variety of power saving and environmentally friendly holiday lighting and display options for your business and home lighting needs.  For custom displays, a member of our team of experienced designers can sit down with you to help create the look you want.  As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride and individual care of every display, and every customer!




Although we offer both incandescent and L.E.D. lighting, we recommend using L.E.D. lighting.  L.E.D. lights are a safer, more efficient and a longer lasting alternative.  L.E.D. lights consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent lights.  Unlike incandescent lights, L.E.D. lights convert 90% of their energy into light vs. heat.  This makes them safer for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Holiday Lighting Professionals

Commercial & Residential Displays


  • Incandescent Lights & L.E.D.

  • Roof Line Lights (Icicle, C-7 & C9)

  • Tree Lights & Decorations

  • Wreaths & Garland

  • Animated Lights

  • Custom Displays


When you choose Yawnin Bear Lawn Care & Landscaping, you'll partner with local professionals dedicated to the value and beauty of your property.


Yawnin Bear Lawn Care & Landscaping is proud to serve the Front Range of Colorado and offers free estimates for all customers that are considering our services.

Holiday Lighting Photos

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